Heritage Surveys

APC’s Cultural Heritage Management Plan (CHMP) for the Lake Wells SOP Project identifies the following areas as indicative of High-Risk Heritage Site Areas:

  • areas at the edges of the lake (playa);
  • creek lines and drainage lines; or
  • built-up island and dune formations within the lake.

Prior to commencement of any activities in High-Risk Heritage Site Areas, we are required to undertake a heritage survey to ensure that any sites of cultural heritage significance can be identified and recorded.  Surveys are conducted in consultation with senior Aboriginal Heritage Consultants. The objectives of the heritage field studies and consultation are to:

  • survey the proposed Project area and identify Aboriginal Sites or Heritage Places;
  • record the location and nature of any identified Sites or Places;
  • verify the location and nature of previously recorded Sites; and
  • prepare avoidance and management strategies where applicable.

Three surveys have been recently conducted.

A preliminary archaeological assessment for High-Risk Heritage Site Areas was undertaken from 3-7 June 2021 to determine the likelihood for archaeological sites, places and material.  The consulting archaeologist noted that there is a very low or negligible likelihood for archaeological places/sites on most of the land in and around the Lake Wells SOP Project area (salt lake, saltpans, saline mudflats, kopi dunes and featureless sandplains) considered during this survey. Twelve areas of potential archaeological material were however identified and these are being taken into consideration in the Company's project development activities.

    A further survey was conducted from 27-30 September 2021 by archaeologists in the presence of six Wati.  This heritage survey covered the village expansion and the southern borefield from bores 41-52.  A culturally modified tree was identified during this survey and has been mapped by APC so that personnel do not disturb the immediate area. No further heritage sites were identified during this survey.

    A heritage survey is being conducted at the Lake Wells SOP Project from 24-26 March 2021 covering the airstrip, harvest ponds and pre-concentration ponds as well as an area identified as having potential for archaeological material.