Employee Cultural Commitment Program

APC personnel are aware of the significant cultural value of the Lake Wells' area. The Company's commitment to cultural respect for the area will be actioned through the Employee Cultural Commitment Program which is currently in development. This employee commitment will be requested after attending an on-site cultural awareness session with the indigenous custodians of Country. This will be a real and meaningful commitment to listen to the multi-generational knowledge we are fortunate to be able to access. This same knowledge guides all land and vegetation clearance programs and ensures the Lake Well SOP Project is developed with preservation of Country at the forefront of plans.

The Employee Cultural Commitment Program will require all employees to attend annual cultural consultations, which will be similar to the consultations the Company will provide indigenous stakeholders through the stages of development, and will provide employees:

  • with updates on any findings of cultural values (including artefacts, scatters etc.) and the actions taken to preserve those findings;
  • information on recent and proposed cultural activities in the area that employees need to be cognisant and respectful of; and,
  • an opportunity to speak with indigenous elders engaged by APC to present and instruct at the annual consultation about their personal insights and questions about Country.