Australian Potash Limited is an ASX-listed entity (ASX: APC) with the primary objective is to deliver maximum shareholder value through the development of stable and sustainable projects whilst acting lawfully, ethically and responsibly.

The Company will pursue operational and commercial excellence by using best practice approaches in our decision-making process focusing on continuous development, accountability and teamwork in all aspects of our business. A key attribute to this approach is maintaining responsible long-term management.

In order to achieve these goals, we will ensure our personnel and business partners have the appropriate skills and resources to perform their work effectively and efficiently and that all stakeholders (including investors, suppliers and regulators) are aware of the Company’s values and our intention to uphold them. We will foster an open and supportive environment in all activities and relationships, and make sure that our senior executives demonstrate and reinforce our values in all aspects of our business and in all interactions with staff.

We believe that our pursuit of these goals will cement a positive reputation for APC in the community as a reliable, responsible and ethical organisation.

Investor inquiries are welcome - please see the Corporate Directory for contact details.